Track your finances in different currencies

Add new expense/earnings in a couple of clicks, see detailed visual insights, do this with multiple currencies around the world.

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How it works

It’s just a click away of taking control of your financial life on a daily basis.

Simple Balance

Click to add expense/earning.

Add Quickly

Add a sum. A date is predefined by Today's day, but you can choose another one. Currency is pre-defined by the country you’re in.

Managable Tags

Choose a tag for your expense/earning from predefined. You can manage it in settings.


See insights visually and split by categories.


Finn is a friendly pug that will help you with your finances while you’ll be using this app. And it will make this financial stuff not so boring.

Works on any device

FinnApp is web based, cross-platform solution that works on any smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

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